Choose Natural Stone Tiles for stunning upgrades to your home

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Investing in Tile Upgrades for the Kitchen and Bathroom
Natural Stone Tiles The benefits of renovating with natural stone tiles are numerous. Whether looking to incorporate marble, granite, limestone or porcelain into a bathroom or kitchen, stone tiles are not only highly attractive, their presence in any room can increase the overall value of a home.
Natural stone has been used for centuries in architecture, décor and sculpting. While these materials are capable of withstanding years of wear and tear, they have long been viewed as a sign of luxury and elegance. In modern day homes, the conception regarding natural stone tiles remains the same. Homeowners who are looking to exude a classic and desirable feel with their home décor opt for the use of any of the natural stone materials.
Uniquely Yours
When using natural stone, homeowners can rest assured that their decoration scheme is impossible to replicate. Each piece of marble or granite is unique in itself due to being a metamorphic rock. Nature determines the patterns of all tiles and there are no two exactly alike.
Both granite and marble come in a variety of different colours, which grants renovators the ability to select the perfect shade to fit their personal style. Darker shades of marble and granite are desirable for rooms that are aiming for a modern and sleek look. Those who wish to brighten a room go with suggested shades of lighter whites and beiges.
More than Meets the Eye
While the aesthetic qualities of marble tiles are undeniable, they offer a range of benefits to homeowners. Primarily, marble tiles are a great selling feature, therefore can be considered an investment that will increase the value of a home down the line.
Unlike linoleum or other materials such as hardwood, marble tiles are not susceptible to dust and mold. Hardwood floors can easily become water damaged and breeding grounds for unhealthy mold growth. Breathing in dust and mold is not conducive with a healthy lifestyle. Marble is naturally resistant to allergens and pathogens.
The heat conductivity in marble is higher than in other floor materials. As a result, homes remain warmer and more comfortable in the winter. In addition, natural stone tiles are scratch-resistant so the family pet will not end up doing damage with his claws. With proper care, marble floors will retain their original beauty for years.
In the Kitchen or Bathroom
Natural stone tiles are the perfect option when it comes to either bathroom or kitchen renovations. In either room, the beauty of the stone will bring out the desired feel. Chefs tend to enjoy either marble or granite for countertops, as it is a material that is easy to keep clean and scratch-free. These tiles can also be used in various other areas around the house, such as tabletops, hallway columns and bars.
Professionals are able to help renovators select the best tiles to suit their purposes, along with provide sufficient advice as to the installation, care and upkeep of natural stone. These factors are important in order to protect the investment.